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Tuvshinzaya during the 2012 Commencement ceremony, held at Rathaus Pankow. (Credit: Personal Archives)

On the BCB campus, it’s not uncommon to find students who switch seamlessly between their three mother tongues. Someone might hesitate before answering the question “Where are you from?” or “Where will you be next year?”

Last month, I sat down in front of my computer to chat with Tuvshinzaya Gantulga, a BCB alumnus who is also always on the move. Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Tuvshinzaya was studying economics at the American University in Bulgaria when he decided to come to BCB (then ECLA*) to attend its Academy Year program. Before the year was up, he had decided to stay in Berlin and complete his BA studies at ECLA as part of its first graduating class in 2012. Upon his return to Mongolia, he worked in a grassroots NGO, founded the Mongolian Rowing Association, and headed the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. My webcam caught him in Manhattan, New York, where he had just graduated with a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Over the course of a few hours we talked about Berlin, rowing, and education: what does a liberal arts education offer to students who are exceptionally mobile, and what can being mobile offer students who are exceptionally curious?

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Ulrike Wagner

Ulrike Wagner

Ulrike Wagner started teaching at Bard College Berlin in 2011. She holds an M.A. degree in North American Studies and German literature from the Free University of Berlin (2005) and was a visiting Fulbright scholar in the Humanities Center at Johns Hopkins University. In 2012 she received her Ph.D. in German and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. She has taught German language classes at all levels, courses on European and American Romanticism, Germany’s Jewish Enlightenment, and Medieval German literature at the Freie Universität, Bard College Berlin, Trinity College, and Columbia University.
 Her research and teaching interests are in foreign language acquisition in German, and in the field of German Romanticism and American Transcendentalism, in particular aesthetic theory, religion, historicism, and philology. She is currently working on transforming her dissertation “The Transatlantic Renewal of Textual Practices: Philology, Religion, and Classicism in Madame de Staël, Herder, and Emerson” into a book.

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Geoff Lehman (photo by Catalin Moise)

Geoff Lehman (photo by Catalin Moise)



Geoff Lehman received his B.A. in humanities from Yale University, where he studied literature, philosophy, and art history in an interdisciplinary context. He received his PhD in art history from Columbia University, with a dissertation on the relationship between perspective and Renaissance landscape painting. Before coming to Bard College Berlin, Geoff taught art history for several years in Columbia University’s core curriculum, as well as in its summer program. His research interests include the theory and history of perspective, art and viewer response, the relationship between painting and music in the Renaissance, and the origins and development of landscape painting in Europe. Geoff is currently working with Bard College Berlin colleague Michael Weinman, on a study of the Parthenon in relation to ancient Greek music theory and mathematics. Geoff joined the faculty at Bard College Berlin as a fellow in 2006, and became a member of the permanent faculty in 2008.

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