Happy Summer Break!

A message from Marga Hattingh, the blog editor: From Pankow to puppets to puppies, poems to podcasts to horoscopes to reflective articles, Die Bärliner has travelled far and wide this last academic year. We’re sad to see you go for the summer… which is why we’ll be sticking around. In your inbox. Probably every week.

A little bit of “In Conclusion”

“A is in the S-Bahn. We don’t know where he’s heading exactly. He’s holding a map in his right hand; he’s holding onto the handle with his left hand. The camera shows the writing on the map: “Break-up––for personal use only”. A looks out of the vehicle and sees the city around him; then he

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Spray Paint Workshop

On June 11, ECLA organized a spray paint workshop in which a group of students got together under the leadership of student Josefina Capelle and the professional artist Guillaume Cayrac, whose work can be found throughout Europe, to learn how to create a stencil template and employ useful methods for cutting it out, as well

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