Musings on Liberty in the Face of Crises

These actions mark a critical and pivotal moment in the story of Western democracy, specifically in the interconnected world of the 21st century. Never before has my generation—a generation that has grown up in the so-called globalized world of “time and space compression” in which everything has become within our grasp—faced a situation where our individual liberties were curtailed for the good of the many.

A Day in Lecce, Italy

Lecce is a walled baroque city in the bootheel of Italy. I’ve decided to stay here alone for three weeks of break before returning to school. My travels and daily ambulation are for the high purpose of reading, writing, and drawing all that is around and within me, which, if I meditate enough, will be nothing. I write to stop writing.


The weekends of my first semester at Bard College Berlin were not spent the way many might assume, considering that this is one of the nightlife capitals of Europe. Rather than clubbing till 5 AM, I found a different path toward the Dionysian release we all need from time to time. I was deeply excited

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The Faculty Podcast: Laura Scuriatti

Laura Scuriatti studied English and German Literature at the University of Milan (Laurea). She received her Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Reading, where she was also teaching assistant. Her research focuses on the relationship between literature and the visual arts in early modernism and the avant-garde, and on gender theory. Her publications

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Discovering Milan and Michelangelo

This year’s trip to Italy, as part of the core course The Florentine Renaissance and its Values, offered an additional excursion to ECLA Academy Year and BA First Year students: a day in Milan.In the course’s history, where students spend several days in Florence at the beginning of the spring term, brief visits to other

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