Home Alone

Would you like a sample? asked a woman in a uniform just past the store’s threshold, gesturing out a sample in a small white cup, similarly to how pills were handed out in prisons on TV shows. The rows of food reached nearly to the ceiling of the store, so high they required a forklift to be lowered down to the patrons. A child begged her mother for a sample of an unfrozen fried Wonton appetizer, which her mother steadfastly denied. Sure, Stacey said, accepting the small cup, finding it pleasantly crunchy with afternotes of carrot.

Pandora’s box

John Greene met Lily Grisham in college. June 22nd was by no means a significant day to 5.67 billion people on the planet Earth (it was warm and windy in London, as well as New York, cloudy in Paris and Kathmandu), but for the rest of the earthly population the date came to mark something:

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A little bit of “In Conclusion”

“A is in the S-Bahn. We don’t know where he’s heading exactly. He’s holding a map in his right hand; he’s holding onto the handle with his left hand. The camera shows the writing on the map: “Break-up––for personal use only”. A looks out of the vehicle and sees the city around him; then he

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