Acts of Resistance against Hegemony: Student Activism in Professor Hanan Toukan’s PS186 Class

TW: Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Assault, Violence, Murder BCB Politics Professor Hanan Toukan, was recently interviewed by the college’s Civic Engagement Office and shared insights on the topic of civic engagement and activism. Before coming to BCB, Hanan was a Visiting Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern Studies at Brown University (2016-2018) and Visiting

Students from Former USSR States Search for Identity in Documentary Film

Maria Veyts (Russia, 2004-5) and Anna Bitkina (Russia, 2003-4) took an introspective look at one of ECLA’s prominent cultural components this semester in their film Lost & Found. In the film, the two young directors try to uncover the identities of their schoolmates from former Soviet Union Republics.  In the interviews presented in the documentary, the students discuss several aspects

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