Why Did You Twist Me Up?

Was the Moon

A witness

Or an accomplice? 

I can’t tell


Both times

It was there


Swollen eye

An overripe orange

That I mistook 

For the sun

Why did you twist me up?

I ask the staring eye                                                 


Clutching every reply

Doubts to confide

Even a hiccup



Pulp-less fruit

With a pulled eyelid

That mocks me

I twist my head

Though it still blinds me

Crimson, Orange, Black

Patches of a ragged blanket

That is no longer holding


Why did you twist me up?

I ask the hanging eye


Doesn’t stare this time

But goes on dangling


It shuts its lids 

It locks me out

Sun or Moon?

I will never know

Which it was

While the Kina trees shimmy to a

                                                    Tik tak tok

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