Why Did You Twist Me Up?

Was the Moon A witness Or an accomplice?  I can’t tell But, Both times It was there Sleepless Swollen eye An overripe orange That I mistook  For the sun Why did you twist me up? I ask the staring eye                                                  Who, Clutching every reply Doubts to confide Even a hiccup                                           Hollow Pulp-less fruit With

Student profiles: Nicholas Lecchi

Please state your full name. Nicholas Sebastiano Lecchi. Where are you from? Rockville, Maryland in the United States. And where is your family from? My father is from Milan, Italy. And I think my mother is from Seveso in Italy, but I can’t be sure. Do you speak Italian? Very little. Enough to swear in

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From Chaos to Cosmos: the history of the Universe as we know it: The Beauty of Sky Observation

On May 8, Bard College Berlin had the opportunity to welcome Noam Libeskind, a researcher from the “Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam,” for a guest lecture titled “From Chaos to Cosmos: the history of the Universe as we know it.” Invited by Professor Michael Weinman for the Early Modern Science core course, Noam introduced some basic

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