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The children take half an hour between classes to finish their homework! (Credit: Tanya Sharma)

The children take half an hour between classes to finish their homework! (Credit: Tanya Sharma)

Have you ever looked at a dancing young girl and smiled because she emitted such warmth and such joy? My two weeks at Aarti Home were spent experiencing just that. In 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to begin my work with this organization. Aarti Home, located in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh — a state in Southern India — began as a small shelter dedicated to the rescue and care of abused, abandoned, and orphaned girls.

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► Monday, September 26th: Golem!


The myth of the Golem – a monstrous artificial life form – has been an inspiration to a wide range of cultural narratives and has shaped the way in which topics such as: man-made creation vs. divine creation, power and, redemption, are thought about. This exhibition traces the historical and cultural development of the figure of the Golem in all its facets and usages, from Jewish mystical rituals to literature and pop-culture.

  • When: 10:00-10:00
  • Where: Jewish Museum: Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin
  • Admission: 3€ for students
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bjorn braun

Still of a video installation by artist Björn Braun exhibited at the Meyer Riegger Gallery in Berlin (Credit: artatberlin)

This last Thursday I had the pleasure of being toured around several art exhibition openings by the artist Shila Khatami, who I am interning for as a part of Bard College Berlin’s Internship Seminar. After a long bike ride through the suburban haze of Pankow, I finally reached Kreuzberg. I met with Shila at a café  across from her studio on Oranienstr. We had a coffee before entering into her studio, located behind a Turkish mosque and two clubs.

The first show we went to was Achim Riethmann’s opening at the Gallerie Russi on Luckauer Str. The small gallery was filled with both young gallery-goers and older, seasoned patrons. Most people were congregated on the street in front of the gallery.

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► Monday, September 19th: Berenice Abbott – Photographs

“Photography doesn’t teach you how to express your emotions. It teaches you how to see.” – Berenice Abbott

Having spent 60 years of her life photographing Paris in the 1920s and later New York, Abbott is regarded as one of the most influential photographers  of the 20th century. She commenced her photography career in Paris by making portraits of artists and authors in the Parisian avant-grande. She returned to New York – during a period of rapid urban transformation and innovation – Abbott set out to document this radical metamorphosis. Her photography explored such themes as the juxtaposition of decaying, demolished architecture with modern skyscrapers, the role advertisements played in the modern city, and poverty in the modern age. The exhibition features 80 of her most iconic works, including a selection of the Changing New York series and Parisian portraits.
  • When: 10:00-19:00
  • Where: Martin-Gropius-Bau – Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin
  • Admission: 5€ for students
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The writer and Bard College Berlin student Osman Ali Chaudhry gives an interview on his work and artistic process in this video by Benjamin Sivo.

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A cozy corner at the Tiergarten Park (credit: Paula Pinto)

The first week of school is tough. No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere before  — a week, a month or a year — settling in, or back in, is never as simple as we wish it to be. I write this as I adjust my skirt to sit back down on the grass of the Tiergarten Park. I watch the silhouettes of my chatting and laughing friends, drinks in hand, against the beautiful marmalade sun dipping into the horizon. Its last rays of warmth gently caress their faces and bodies. The drinks start to get warmer and the air colder. I feel the first week’s stress melt away.

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L&T Welcome Session

L&T Welcome Session on Monday, August 8th (Credit: Andrea Riba).

On behalf of Bard College Berlin’s very own student-driven  blog, Die Bärliner, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students and faculty! My name is Margarethe Hattingh. I will be serving as editor of Die Bärliner  for the 2016-2017 academic year, taking over from David Kretz who graduated in May. In his final blog article, David wrote about how we are all fellow travellers in this world, “passing through” a shared space and time here at BCB. Whether you have come to BCB for a semester, a year, or four, or are still unsure of where the wiles and ways of time will take you, Die Bärliner looks forward to the time that we will spend “passing through” here together.

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