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“The Wait” is a short fiction piece by guest contributor Elena Gagovska, a BA2 student in the HAST program at BCB

Christina felt bored waiting in line at the insurance office and tapped her little finger against her chin obsessively. She was there to renew the health insurance for her  two-year-old. It wasn’t a complicated procedure, really, but, just as I would be, Christina was scandalized at the fact that she had to physically go to a place to get something that she thought could easily be computerized. Actually, Christina had a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. But she just worked as tech support for a small law firm and lacked a column or blog-type platform  on which to express and publish her thoughts. When the urge to tell the world how she perceived it started overwhelming her a few years ago, Christina opened a Twitter account under the alias “ITBoredom”. It was more of a way to express her dissatisfaction with her job and current affairs than an intellectual megaphone.

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► Monday: Medieval Christmas Market


Imagine a gate opening in the art, culture and clubs hub of Friedrichshain to transport you to the medieval ages. In this historical Christmas market, you won’t find the usual kitsch; you’ll find everything from live medieval performances in music, acrobatics, and a fire-show, to unique handicrafts, and a tavern serving hot mead. Everyone will be dressed in costume and all the masterfully crafted decorations make the experience truly memorable.

  • When: 14:00-22:00
  • Where:  RAW Gelände – Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Admission: 2€
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The Days We Spent in Each Other’s Company

Lily didn’t breathe much anymore. I tried bringing a few hearts to class once, maybe to make her feel better, but it didn’t work very well; it was just messy. I painted her many times in her frozen mind but I couldn’t get the tongue to move quite right or the shadows in the cleft of her shoulders. But these didn’t help her much either and she just kept sitting still wherever she went in a way that leaves sit still when there’s no wind to rustle them around.

One day she told me many things about the world and I learned from her as if it were the last thing I would ever do. I told her often that she was beautiful and she would say that clocks turn twice as fast as you ever think. I didn’t find this very encouraging. She frequently used the word “dry” in her sentences but I don’t think I know exactly what that mean though she seems to.

“Sometimes I dry out from the smoke your always blowing into my face.” I stopped smoking after I dropped a cigarette on my keyboard.

“You spelled “you’re” wrong.”

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