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► Monday: Medieval Christmas Market


Imagine a gate opening in the art, culture and clubs hub of Friedrichshain to transport you to the medieval ages. In this historical Christmas market, you won’t find the usual kitsch; you’ll find everything from live medieval performances in music, acrobatics, and a fire-show, to unique handicrafts, and a tavern serving hot mead. Everyone will be dressed in costume and all the masterfully crafted decorations make the experience truly memorable.

  • When: 14:00-22:00
  • Where:  RAW Gelände – Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Admission: 2€
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With you I share

this little piece of self,

for the temporality

of days in which

our presence

lacks and lingers,

slithers and soothes,

smiles in remembrance—a game:


I said,

‘One plus one is two.’


You said,

‘I promise you.’


And this self I share with you, I share

with none other.


Do you know?

The truth—for only you,

I uncover.


In the temporality to come,

already, within you—

it spreads, hatches and multiplies.


‘We will meet again.’


Though it hovers, lingers

between us two—the shape

of the eye; the line of the lip;

No need—there is

no need, dear—


I know.


With you I share this

tiny piece of self.


In flight I

am setting you, till again

we meet.


And when we do,

these two halves that are you

and I

will merge

once more into

that self we were

some very ancient ages ago.


Oh, don’t you know?

We’ve been sung.


We’ve been sung longtime.


I yield,

To the morning haze that engulfs my spirits;


I yield.


For Mother Nature calls,

My body withdraws;

I am within and without.




I know not why

My slumbers break with the sunrise.

My inner and outer worlds meddle and wed,


And I am one.


The birds sing me a tune of old,

As though they hold the secret of my soul.


My soul—in flight with the birds of old—

Says ‘I shall not rest

‘till my flight is turned into song!’


And so I traverse between

Heart and Reason,

‘till my entire being gives way to sunrise, and

Tranquility is my one and only