Nabokov in Berlin

One cannot visit Nabokov’s Berlin in the way one can visit Joyce’s Dublin or Kafka’s Prague. It no longer exists. There are, of course, certain ghosts. We know that he hunted for butterflies at Grunewald, and that he taught tennis on Kurfürstendamm. Charlottenburg was once home to so many Russian expatriates that it was nicknamed

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Abandoned Pankow

A description of students’ exploration of Pankow’s abandoned Iraqi Embassy. In the haunted lies the deepest vacuum of the mind, in the ghosts are the people we’ve known, in blank space is everything imaginable. “Did you hear that?” “It was just a car.” “Do you think they saw us?” “The lights are going in the

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Stories from Pankow (podcast)

  Blog reporter Lucas Møller set out to explore the neighbourhood around the campus. Pankow has many hidden gems, among them a record store owner who shares his love for vinyl, a teacher who keeps a pet donkey, and a children’s bookshop which offers regular reading sessions. Translation in the donkey segment provided by Philip

Author Profile: Arnold Zable

Note: This author profile was written at the request of the online magazine “artaktivist,” for their issue on refugees and migration. It will be published online in both Russian and English. If modernity is to be characterised by the theme of exile and the achievements of émigrés, as Edward Said claimed in Reflections on Exile,

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The Publication of Wisdom Salad

Osman Chaudhry, age 18, is Bard College Berlin’s youngest published author. His first book “Wisdom Salad” (named after his band) is currently available in Pakistan, as well as in the Bard College Berlin library. In the form of poems and brief commentaries, this book is a thematic mixture of religion, death, love, hate… you name

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