Lolmythesis: BCB Edition 2022

On Friday April 8th, BCB’s Class of 2022 held their BA thesis turn-in reception—congratulations to us! This project is a milestone in our BCB careers, one which we’ve worked on tirelessly for many months. This year, students explored everything from blockchain technology, to musical expression, to environmentalism. 

In celebration of the completion of the thesis (and the end of this intense and often chaotic process), Die Bärliner presents its fourth edition of Lolmythesis. Inspired by the original widely-known blog, we asked current seniors to summarize months and years of research and hard work into a single sentence. This resulted in some interesting spins on our thesis titles and subjects, and allowed us to look back at the thesis process with a bit of humor. 

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Enjoy the Lolmythesis compilation:

Yazan Mahboub Alhara

HAST- Ethics and Politics

Smart Social Contracts: A Discourse on the Political Philosophy of Decentralized Pacts 

“Goodbye traditional annoying bureaucracy, hello anesthetizing neo-autocracy!”

Aidan Maloof

EPST- Politics

Method in Madness? Divining a Foreign Policy Doctrine in the Trump Whitehouse

“He’s Not Like Other Presidents: Spice Things Up in the Foreign Policy Sphere with Spontaneity and Unpredictability (Results May Vary).” 

Enkhbujin Ochirbat 

EPST – Economics 

The Economics of NFTs: An Art Market Revolution or a Passing Trend?

“To Sell or Not to Sell: A New Opportunity for Artists to Break the Poverty Line”

Joshua Lucy

HAST- Ethics and Politics

Who Watches The Watchmen: Graphic Novel as a Reflection Of American Political Life

“Watchmen, a summary: The supervillain does the monologue, but the heroes still can’t stop him.”

Daniela Lima da Silva

EPST- Politics

The real “problem with the favelas”: Questioning state action and social dynamics in Rio de Janeiro’s slums

“This was just an excuse to go on and on about my hometown (please note that I’m the only one allowed to criticize it ok?)”

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