From the Archives- Days in Berlin

Die Bärliner takes a look back on pieces throughout the years reflecting on the various engaging activities and sights in Pankow and wider Berlin. With summer quickly approaching and fewer COVID-19 restrictions in place, more options are becoming available for those planning to stick around Berlin for the summer months. In this archive selection, you’ll

Virtual Tour of Berlin

Living in Berlin for the past four months has given me the unusual perspective of someone who is not from the city, but has had far more time than any tourist to explore and discover its interworking. During my studies, I have had many guests come and stay with me, everyone cherishing their excuse to

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Harz Journey

The winter excursion came to an end with ECLA students dancing to the tune, “Neun und Neunzig Luftballons,” with local Germans in a small town restaurant. The excursion was full of merriment and joy, partly because the students had gotten to know each other so well and partly because of the scenic beauty of the

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