What’s Next? – A Senior Interview Series (#2: Ania Flanigan & Veronika Rišňovská)

Veronika at Pankumenta (Credit: Daniel Kovács) One of the three possible concentrations of the Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought (HAST) program at Bard College Berlin is Arts & Aesthetics. This concentration encompasses a variety of art forms and fields, including the performing and visual arts. Two students who demonstrate the vast array of possibilities

What’s Next? – A Senior Interview Series (#1: Åsa Dahlborn & Colomba Dumay)

The liberal arts focus of Bard College Berlin allows us students to delve into a variety of areas and disciplines as part of our diverse education. Yet, with the freedom of a liberal arts curriculum also comes the difficult part of choosing which path to follow as graduation approaches. I was curious to know more about BCB’s Class of 2020 seniors’ plans for the future, as well as how their learning experiences here have helped them make certain decisions.

Fall cold/flu on campus. “Imaginarily Healthy”

 “The decoration represents a rural setting, but nonetheless truly agreeable.” (Molière, Prologue to “Le Malade Imaginaire”) Only mid?September, and it was already here: in classrooms, dorms, the dining hall and the library, I heard the frequency of blessings-to-excuse-me grow. Supermarkets nearby increased their lemon, ginger, garlic and “Erkältungstee” (“Cold” Tea) supplies, and rumors had it

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A Summer Day at ECLA of Bard

Even though the summer holidays at ECLA of Bard started a week ago, our summer residents are still very much keen on doing their readings. With finally enough free time and a sunny day at hand, two students enjoy their summer reads while soaking up the sun and Vitamin D.

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What home has meant.

I do not remember the time or the place. It might have been Bangalore, Kolkata, Shillong, Chennai, Mussoorie, or Berlin. It might have been at a park, a mall, a wedding, a hospital, or even at a bar. Despite the many possibilities, there was always a time when certain places would generate an awkward reaction

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