I don’t usually assign much spiritual significance to death, but on the 8th of December, when two friends and I went to Potsdam to explore an abandoned cemetery, taking a picture felt wrong. In an effort to make something from the experience or somehow preserve it, I sat down and wrote this poem.

The Path Of Kings

Spring term’s Berlin architecture class took a trip to Potsdam on April 29th with the aim of exploring Frederick the Great’s favoured place of residence, Sanssouci, which means “without worry”.The architecture class has so far dealt with various museums located in Berlin’s city center and their historical significance — how the architectural design as well

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ISU Visit To Reichstag And Sanssouci

The second weekend of July marked the official beginning of ECLA’s International Summer University. It was a weekend abounding in novelties with new students trying to get to know each other and going on two trips to kick-start the international summer university on Prussia: Philosophy, Rebellion and the State. What follows is an account of

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Visit to Potsdam

Last weekend a small but enthusiastic group of ECLA students got off at Potsdam Hauptbahnhof planning to spend a sunny day visiting the town’s parks and palaces. Some of them had already visited Potsdam during the winter and were astonished by the changes brought about by spring. At this time of the year Potsdam is

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