My Thesis in 5 Photos: Vala Schriefer

Welcome back to “My Thesis in 5 Photos”— a series in which fourth year graduating students share images that illustrate their thesis process—the good, the bad, and especially, the ugly. Here, co-editor of the blog Vala who studies Art and Aesthetics, shares moments from her thesis on Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures the Prisoners. 1. Haunted by

The Faculty Podcast: Geoff Lehman

    Geoff Lehman received his B.A. in humanities from Yale University, where he studied literature, philosophy, and art history in an interdisciplinary context. He received his PhD in art history from Columbia University, with a dissertation on the relationship between perspective and Renaissance landscape painting. Before coming to Bard College Berlin, Geoff taught art

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Frank Fehrenbach on Leonardo’s Art

If a painting is presented to two people, each of them would probably see something different in it. They might even disagree about what they see to the point of drawing daggers. Art involves the viewer in a very unique way and the experience of looking at something and feeling something is individual. As we

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Frank Fehrenbach: Vision and Vivacità

Midway through this semester, ECLA’s PY Core Course on Objectivity invited Professor Fehrenbach to deliver a lecture on his most recent subject of research, the significance of the point in Leonardo’s drawings and its connection to the aesthetical category of vivacità.  This was a subject most appropriate for the students of the PY program, who

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ECLA Italy Trip

In the dawn light of Sunday, March 15, the 35 AY students embarked on a mission to trace the beginning of the Renaissance by exploring its heart — Florence. By the time the plane landed in Rome, everyone was  full of excitement  about what was yet to come. On our way from Rome to Florence,

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ECLA in Milan

ECLA’s day-trip to Milan, part of the weeklong study trip to Italy, was an exciting adventure in the heart of the second largest city and largest metropolitan area in Italy, also known as the world capital of design and fashion. With the virtuoso guidance of ECLA Laura Scuriatti – a native Milanese – the city’s

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