Why Kashmir?

The thing I had least expected when moving to Germany to pursue an American Bachelor’s degree was how much I would end up learning about my own country. I spent the better half of my first year at BCB studying the likes of Plato and Smith. In my second year, I decided to probe deeper

Acts of Resistance against Hegemony: Student Activism in Professor Hanan Toukan’s PS186 Class

TW: Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Assault, Violence, Murder BCB Politics Professor Hanan Toukan, was recently interviewed by the college’s Civic Engagement Office and shared insights on the topic of civic engagement and activism. Before coming to BCB, Hanan was a Visiting Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern Studies at Brown University (2016-2018) and Visiting

The Anti-War Museum

On April 16th Irit Dekel, instructor of the Past in the Present: Collective Memory, Politics and Culture class, led a trip to the Anti-Kriegs-Museum (Anti-War Museum) in Berlin. Opened by Ernst Friedrich in the 1920s in the working class district of Wedding, the museum was closed for many years before it was re-opened by Friedrich’s

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