Music in Berlin

35 eager (vaccinated, tested) concertgoers snuggled into the cozy interior of FRAMED Berlin, a cultural salon and gallery in the Friedrichshain district. Berlin’s long summer was coming to a close and couples nestled in corners, wine in hand, and closed their eyes to focus on the sparkled sounds of Spanish guitar and a soaring voice

[Kulturbahn #38] April 17th – April 23rd

► Monday: Black German Cinema: “Sankofa – Return and get it” Jump right back into Berlin’s cultural scene by attending the film series In-between Performative Films, which focuses on artists trying to break away from patriarchal and national production contexts. This month’s movie premier follows artists and curators from Ghana. It raises various questions: Does the

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[Kulturbahn #32] February 27th – March 5th

► Monday: A Blink of an Eye – Cornelia Schleime Born in the GDR, artist Cornelia Schleime was part of the movement against East Germany’s policy of censorship. Exploring a range of art forms from painting to poetry, to performance, and film,, while devising her own alternative and experimental approach, Schleime’s work was ultimately banned

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[Kulturbahn #24] November 21st – November 27th

► Monday: Lucia Christmas Market What better way to start a cold Berlin week than by embracing the winter and going to a Christmas Market? The Lucia Christmas market, which is named after the Nordic goddess of light, promises a festive and Christmassy atmosphere. The unique aspect of this particular market is its Scandinavian twist.

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