The Initiative Emerges: With Puppets

On Thursday, March 8th, the Emancipe Initiative’s interactive puppet play, “The Puppet Show: An Inquiry”, premiered on campus in the Factory gallery space. This initiative, pioneered by first-year EPST student Danny Dubner, and co-lead by academic year student Sara De Monchy, was an opportunity for members of Bard College Berlin to experience non-formal educational practices

Interview with Julia Dittrich

Julia Dittrich is a professor of Theatre Studies at ECLA of Bard. She is part of the visiting faculty this fall term and she is teaching the course Acting and Directing. The course aims to teach students the two different styles of acting prevalent in American and German theatres. In our conversation Julia sheds light

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Kinnaird Days

In 2010, I received my BS in Economics from the Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, Pakistan. After graduation, I enrolled in ECLA of Bard’s Academy Year to further my studies in philosophy. I was so engaged with academics at ECLA that I never quite had the time to reconnect back with Kinnaird. Due to

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