Claire August

Claire August graduated from BCB in 2020 with a concentration in Literature and Rhetoric and was blog editor 2019-2020. She was always interested in new pitches from writers both inexperienced and experienced. Her interests include trying to understand the Swedish distaste for the Danes and the Vogue Youtube channel.  

Claire’s contributions:

  • Home Alone
  • A Completely Precedented Goodbye For Unprecedented Times
  • Lolmythesis: BCB Edition 2020
  • Five Essays in Miniature
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  • “Thinking Things Together”: An Alumni Interview with Philip Euteneuer
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  • Lolmythesis: BCB Edition
  • An Interview with Tina Joaquim and her cat, Sheba
  • A Demonstration, An Occupation, A Study Abroad Semester: Thoughts from Central European University
  • Found Fragments of a “Language and Thinking” Notebook
  • Dispatches from a Dead Language
  • A Look Back at the Smolny Student Conference (podcast)
  • Body, Mind, and Soul Week (podcast)
  • The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
  • #1 Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Brenna O’Brien
  • #7: Staging Theater in an Unexpected Place (a conversation with Veronika Rišňovská)
  • “Tread Softly”: The City, Migration, and Memory (A Collaborative Review)
  • #6 Let’s Talk About Pankow Conversations
  • #5 From a Day or Two in Sarajevo (a podcast by Claire August)
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  • #2: Where to find 23 cans of tuna on the BCB campus (a podcast by Claire August)
  • #1: On the History and Lore of the Döner Kebab (a podcast by Claire August)
  • A review of BCB’s Alumni Event and an Invitation to the (not so) Undercover Plato Reading Group
  • Thoughts on “Berlin Diary”
  • Biennale Thoughts