Claire August

Claire August is a third year in the HAST program at BCB. Currently, she is studying abroad at Central European University in Budapest, where she is pretending to be a philosophy student. Her interests include reading and exploring Berlin. One time she won $5 on a scratch ticket.




Claire’s contributions:

  • Lolmythesis: BCB Edition
  • An Interview with Tina Joaquim and her cat, Sheba
  • A Demonstration, An Occupation, A Study Abroad Semester: Thoughts from Central European University
  • Found Fragments of a “Language and Thinking” Notebook
  • Dispatches from a Dead Language
  • A Look Back at the Smolny Student Conference (podcast)
  • Body, Mind, and Soul Week (podcast)
  • The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
  • #1 Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Brenna O’Brien
  • #7: Staging Theater in an Unexpected Place (a conversation with Veronika Rišňovská)
  • “Tread Softly”: The City, Migration, and Memory (A Collaborative Review)
  • #6 Let’s Talk About Pankow Conversations
  • #5 From a Day or Two in Sarajevo (a podcast by Claire August)
  • #4 Settling In: Language and Thinking 2017 (a podcast by Claire August)
  • #3 The Awful German Language (a podcast by Claire August)
  • #2: Where to find 23 cans of tuna on the BCB campus (a podcast by Claire August)
  • #1: On the History and Lore of the Döner Kebab (a podcast by Claire August)
  • A review of BCB’s Alumni Event and an Invitation to the (not so) Undercover Plato Reading Group
  • Thoughts on “Berlin Diary”
  • Biennale Thoughts