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► Monday: A Blink of an Eye – Cornelia Schleime

Born in the GDR, artist Cornelia Schleime was part of the movement against East Germany’s policy of censorship. Exploring a range of art forms from painting to poetry, to performance, and film,, while devising her own alternative and experimental approach, Schleime’s work was ultimately banned in 1981. Almost all her work disappeared after her relocation to West Berlin in 1984. Since then, she recreated some of the lost artworks. Her primary focus has been on portraits with a hint of fantasy.

  • When: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Where: Berlinische Galerie – Alte Jakobstraße 124–128, 10969
  • Admission: 5€
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► Monday: Brazilian Film Festival 


For all the cinema and movie lovers, take note: the annual Brazilian film festival brings to the screen a diversity of stories, styles, humans and lifestyles. The movies screened are of various lengths, budgets, a wide range of topics and genres. From documentaries to musicals, to suspense, drama, and biographies, the film festival is sure to cater to everyone’s interests. Make sure to check out the program for the day’s movies!

  • When: 18:00-24:00
  • Where:  Babylon Cinema – Rosa Luxemburg str. 30, 10178
  • Admission: 8€
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► Monday: Medieval Christmas Market


Imagine a gate opening in the art, culture and clubs hub of Friedrichshain to transport you to the medieval ages. In this historical Christmas market, you won’t find the usual kitsch; you’ll find everything from live medieval performances in music, acrobatics, and a fire-show, to unique handicrafts, and a tavern serving hot mead. Everyone will be dressed in costume and all the masterfully crafted decorations make the experience truly memorable.

  • When: 14:00-22:00
  • Where:  RAW Gelände – Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Admission: 2€
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► Monday: Lucia Christmas Market


What better way to start a cold Berlin week than by embracing the winter and going to a Christmas Market? The Lucia Christmas market, which is named after the Nordic goddess of light, promises a festive and Christmassy atmosphere. The unique aspect of this particular market is its Scandinavian twist. It welcomes you with the mouth-watering smells of Scandinavian and German foods and drinks, traditional Scandinavian music and cultural performances, as well as plenty of handicrafts.

  • When: 15:00-22:00
  • Where: Knaackstr. 97/or Sredzkistr. 1/or Schönhauser Allee 36-39 – Kulturbrauerei, 10435 Berlin
  • Admission: free
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► Monday: Interfilm Festival Opening


Start your week on a positive note by attending the Opening Night Gala of one of Europe’s most important short film festivals: the Interfilm. The opening ceremony of the week-long film festival will not only host international guests and Berlin celebrities, but will also show a selection of films and live music! Make sure to check out the daily program for the festival and make your pick.

  • When: 21:00
  • Where: Volksbühne –  Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin
  • Admission: 8€
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► Monday: Illustration & Graphic Art Festival!


Start your Fall Break by enjoying what the international festival of contemporary illustration and graphic art has to offer! Illustrative annual exhibition offers a platform for local and international artists to present their “craft”. What you will see is a great selection of today’s illustrations and graphics. This year’s festival will be featuring 32 international artists with diverse artistic positions and unique works in this genre.

  • When: 10:00-17:00
  • Where: Direktorenhaus – Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin
  • Admission: 4€
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► Monday, October 3rd: Day of German Reunification Celebrations


End your long weekend by participating in Berlin’s 26th anniversary of the German Reunification – which followed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 –  at the huge street festival by the Brandenburg Gate. Not only will you get to take part in cheerful and celebratory atmosphere of a very important historical occurrence, but you’ll also have the chance to enjoy plenty of beer gardens, diverse snacks and an entertainment programme: Look forward to stage performances, a concert, horseback riding and horse races, big wheel funfair ride, and karaoke at the Berliner Dom.

  • When: 11:00
  • Where: Straße des 17. Juni, 10557 Berlin
  • Admission: free
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► Monday, September 26th: Golem!


The myth of the Golem – a monstrous artificial life form – has been an inspiration to a wide range of cultural narratives and has shaped the way in which topics such as: man-made creation vs. divine creation, power and, redemption, are thought about. This exhibition traces the historical and cultural development of the figure of the Golem in all its facets and usages, from Jewish mystical rituals to literature and pop-culture.

  • When: 10:00-10:00
  • Where: Jewish Museum: Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin
  • Admission: 3€ for students
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