Why Kashmir?

The thing I had least expected when moving to Germany to pursue an American Bachelor’s degree was how much I would end up learning about my own country. I spent the better half of my first year at BCB studying the likes of Plato and Smith. In my second year, I decided to probe deeper

The Publication of Wisdom Salad

Osman Chaudhry, age 18, is Bard College Berlin’s youngest published author. His first book “Wisdom Salad” (named after his band) is currently available in Pakistan, as well as in the Bard College Berlin library. In the form of poems and brief commentaries, this book is a thematic mixture of religion, death, love, hate… you name

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Miniature Painting Seen Through the Lenses of the Abstract. Imran Qureshi: Artist of the Year 2013 Exhibition.

Strolling casually along the streets of Berlin frequently proves to be an especially invigorating experience: the tangible spirit of creativity, nonchalance and dynamism spreads contagiously over the city’s different districts and greatly influences my perception of it. Yet more alluring for the art-loving residents or merely visitors of Berlin than the city’s streets and panorama

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Kinnaird Days

In 2010, I received my BS in Economics from the Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, Pakistan. After graduation, I enrolled in ECLA of Bard’s Academy Year to further my studies in philosophy. I was so engaged with academics at ECLA that I never quite had the time to reconnect back with Kinnaird. Due to

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Postcard from Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan 18.01.2013 Dear ECLA, Pakistan is a country of sweet contradictions and extremes, from the Himalayas to the Indus River. Such is my experience of living in this country. I come from the city of Lahore, which shares borders with India. Lahore is Pakistan’s cultural capital and is the second largest city in terms

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Coming Home

I completed the Academy Year programme at the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA) in the summer of 2011. This fall, I returned to ECLA for the BA program. During the whole recent year, I worked with a theatre group and also taught theatre skills back home in Pakistan. Working in the theatre industry required

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