Maria Khan

Maria KhanMaria Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 14, October, 1987. She is the last of four daughters and one brother. Her father is a humble civil servant, and her mother a housewife. Maria received her early education in Lahore and Islamabad and graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from Kinnaird College for Women Lahore.

Maria discovered her deep interests in acting and politics at the very young age of 21. She also holds the honor of performing at the Shakespeare’s Globe.

Articles written by Maria Khan:

  • Hope is a good thing… perhaps the only good thing
  • German Poetry Night
  • Being “Ms. Khan”
  • Debating in Berlin
  • Student profiles: Gup Shup (Chit Chat) with Osman Chaudhry
  • A Weekend in Dresden
  • Interview with Julia Dittrich
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Why I want to teach English
  • Turkish Markets in Berlin
  • There is rosemary
  • Tu parles français?
  • Biking in Pankow
  • What is love
  • Winning with Zoltan
  • Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité
  • Sein oder Nichtsein, das ist hier die Frage!
  • Finding my Genius
  • Carlos Fraenkel: Teaching Plato in Palestine
  • Lorraine Daston on: ‘History of Observation’
  • Steinbeck and Spinoza
  • Kinnaird Days
  • Postcard from Pakistan
  • All Work and No Play…
  • Visit to the American Academy in Berlin
  • Interview with Lars
  • Coming Home
  • ECLA Alumna at the Globe Theatre
  • Frank Fehrenbach on Leonardo’s Art
  • Two Loves
  • Think Aloud Or Debate
  • A Trip To Remember
  • Howling and Howlers of Theatre
  • Harz Journey
  • There is a Light at the End of Every Tunnel!
  • Simon Trepanier on Plato and The Allusiveness of The Good
  • If Music Be The Food For Soul, Play On
  • A Farangi’s Journey
  • 5 replies on “ Maria Khan ”
    1. hey maria….i know u not know me but i know you..i really like you, you were our headgirl in 2009 in kinnaird college….you were the best maria…what are you doing these days?

      1. Thank you so much Batool . I am so fond of Kinnaird and there is a new article coming on Kinnaird very soon- with lots of great pictures of KC – WATCH OUT . I miss Lahore, Mall road and areas around Government College and Kinnaird. You must relish it because it has its own charm .

    2. Hey, I’ve read some of your articles and they’re really good. I’m also Pakistani so I thought I’d ask for your advice. What I wanted to talk to you about and what I thought you could help me with is understanding how you were able to fulfill the visa obligations of having 8000 euro in a blocked account. What I mean is whether there was any government body that helped you etc. I’ve applied to Bard College Berlin, and though I won’t be getting any kind of response letter until after the 17th, this one factor is weighing heavily on my mind, as well as how complicated the visa process is. Do you mind helping me out a little?

    3. You are a true inspiration for us. I follow you on twitter and absolutely love your witty attitude. I wish more women in our country follow their dreams and passion like you did and are still doing.

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